Schnauer's Wool Seamless Splicing Curtains

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Enjoy Complete isolation with Our Schnauer's Wool Seamless Splicing Curtains. We offer you total blackout capablilities along with super modern and trendy vibes to complete any room of your choosing!


Material: Schnier 
Fabric main ingredient: Polyester fiber (polyester) 
Fabric ingredient: Cashmere 
Fabric main ingredient content: 90 
Fabric order ingredient content: 90 
Process: Woven 
Function: High shading (70% -90%) 
Classification: Vertical curtain, hole 
Whether it can be customized: Yes 
Item No .: Schnillar coastal yarn 
colour: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, 4 
Specification: Finished curtains / meter contains processing costs, curtains, Chemille fur yarn 
Have authorified own brands: no 
Whether cross-border export is available for supply: Yes 
style: Modern simple 
Whether imported: no 
Whether it is distributed to: Delivery 
Whether to provide installation services: Yes 
space: bedroom 
Is there copyright or patent: no 
high: 2.9 meters 
Weigh: 1200